Saturday, December 19, 2009


Story of a pond called Myndia.
There are a few Big fishes which eat a lot. They like eating the small fishes. Depending on the caste, religion, region the small fishes belong to, they are eaten one by one, sometimes. In large numbers most of the times. *Poverty of the small fish would make him/her the best tasting fish. The small fishes dont complain. They feel grateful for being granted the little space in the pond and the litlle food that keeps them from deing of malnutrition.
The number keeps depleting.
Finally when there is no other alternative left, they decide to unite, co-operate and retaliate. They end up killing one big fish. Just one, after centuries of exploitation and subjugation. Just so as to reach the deaf arbiters of the pond.
Big fishes like the small fishes no more. They have turned vegetarians.
My rationality calls it ideal collective action.
Formation of a state would help depending largely on the number of big fishes it has and if they are vegetarians...

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