Thursday, December 3, 2009

Rationality is anti-entropic

It is difficult to imagine things that could, instead of following the normal laws of physics, choose to be anti-entropic. I read an article by Amitai Etzioni. A must read.
Rationality in people is subjective to the extent that a man progressively achieving rationality in thoughts and actions by experience and exposure could keep becoming irrational in his thoughts and actions progressively seen from my eyes. Human beings being rational in their thoughts or actions is a myth. this renders most of economics meaningless and terribly affects most of our hypothesis and infernces in other social sciences. Continuing in the same line of thought, i would rather say that a person probably takes more of half rational, satisficing decisions in his life than take Solomon wise, informed and interested decision. I could even say many a men die before they get their first chance of exercising their right to take rational decisions. many of them are actually very old when they die, many very successful, many must have rewarding careers. Among those who knew them, they must have earnt respect. They even might have seemed rational in thoughts and actions.
They dont seem rational to me.
Not that I hold their irrationality against them. Just that being rational is something I dont fully comprehend.
I dont consider Lenin very rational when I wear the Czarina's shoes. I dont consider Mao rational in his demand for proletarian dictatorship if I am Sun Yat Sen. I dont consider Gandhi rational when I am Churchill. I dont consider Bose rational when I am Gandhi.
Galileo was not rational, Christ was not rational in their respective ages.
Rational people dont matter on a macro level.
I know I am jumping the gun.
I also know I am not rational.

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