Monday, November 23, 2009


Chaitu Manjhi who lives in the same village doesnt eat. He doesnt eat for days at a stretch.
He is not a Sanyaasi. He cant afford the luxury of having foood everyday!!!
I met him ten days ago. His eyes looked hopefully at me. He was hungry.
He doesnt have land. He doesnt have a job. He is a casual labourer. He doesnt know his Government. The government doesnt know him. His wife died two years ago, he didnt have money for her treatment. His daughter died that same week. Her husband didnt have money for her treatment. Chaitu Manjhi has two daughters. They dont go to school. They are 8 and 10 years old. They will be 19 and 21 in 2020, right at the time when we say our country will become a superpower. In 2020, they shall comprise the uneducated marginalised part of our society. They will get married to people who will not have any money for their treatment.
I asked them if they go to school. They laughed at me. The father said "what will they do in the school?" Suddenly, the food I have everyday seems a blessing. I had just met three people who didnt have food everyday because they could not afford it.
I want to change things. I want to see to it that i make a difference. I want to reach to the most marginalised man on this earth. I want to see egalitarian wealth.
I stake my life to the cause.

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